Custom Trainings

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I am extremely happy you are here. Below you can find some ideas on the scope of trainings I can provide for you and your company. Keep in mind, those are only suggestions – please contact me, so we can customize a training designed to your needs.

Half-day trainings:

  1. How to be a good leader who motivates?

    • During this 4h training we will focus on establishing our visions of a great leader and get a little deeper into aspects of internal and external motivators
  2. Half-day Scrum training

    • During this 4h training participants will have a chance to discuss and feel how does Scrum framework approach resolving complex problems
  3. Half-day Kanban training

    • For this 4h training we will tak about Kanban method, with its metrics. Students will have a chance to experience the flow of Kanban and feel its value first hand
  4. Value Based Method

    • Value Based Method is a short introduction training to Evidence Based Management, with focusing on turning valuable customer needs into measurable data
  5. How to Delegate?

    • During this short 2h training we will discuss the reasons behind delegation, and learn how to use Delegation Board in real life
  6. Introduction to Mindful Listening

    • During this 2h workshop student will have a chance to grasp the concept of mindful listening, and experience first hand the benefits of it.

One-day trainings:

  1. Scrum Basic

    • During 1day Scrum training students will have a chance to learn, discuss and practice Scrum framework, while building an actual product.
  2. Agile principles and Scrum Fundamentals

    • During this training we will focus on Why we want to use agile approach, what’s the difference between traditional approach and why is Scrum sometimes the best or the worst idea?
  3. Deeper into the Scrum Framework

    • At the starting point, we assume everyone in the classroom had some experience in Scrum Team. This training focuses solely on case studies and complementary Scrum practises.
  4. How to conduct a successful Scrum Event?

    • Training focused on 5 Scrum Events and how to achieve the prognosed outcomes. This training can be split into blocks for different events.

All the trainings can be done either online or in person.

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